What’s Good for Employees is Also Good for Business, NAEM Executive Director Says

October 3, 2016 — Companies today are making unprecedented investments to protect the well-being of their employees and reduce their impacts on the environment, NAEM Executive Director Carol Singer Neuvelt said in a new Op Ed published in USA Today this week. These commitments are not only good for society, but they contribute to a healthy bottom line, too.

"Creating a strong safety culture lowers the overall risk profile for the company, leading to a reduction in lost productivity, regulatory fines and workers' compensation claims. And when employees know that their company is doing its best to keep them safe and healthy, they tend to be more engaged, more productive and more committed to the business's success," Ms. Neuvelt wrote.

The article was part of a special insert in "Manufacturing & Skills in America Campaign," a special insert in USA Today that included perspectives from representatives from Rockwell Automation, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

Ms. Neuvelt highlighted the trend toward doing business in an era when socially responsible investors, environmental activists and employees are helping to shape the business culture inside of major manufacturing companies.

"Just a few decades ago, companies were expected to make a profit, abide by legal obligations and pay taxes. In today's world, expectations for companies are dramatically expanding," she said. "Today's industry leaders are rising to this challenge. Companies such as 3M, General Mills, General Electric Co., John Deere, Intel and Unilever understand that they must not only create a profit for shareholders; they must contribute positive value to society."

To read the full Op Ed, please visit http://www.educationandcareernews.com/news/why-invest-in-safety-and-environmental-sustainability.

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