K-M. Denyse Jones, REM, CESM

Environmental, Health, and Safety Systems Manager
Lhoist North America
What are currently working on?
My current major project is facilitating implementation of an EHS Management System for my organization. Additionally, I am involved in a few smaller projects aimed at improving efficiency within the EHS function by utilizing new/improved electronic tools. I also support EHS compliance, data analysis, and reporting efforts within my company.

What do you like about your job?
I enjoy the breadth of projects in which I get to participate. This has allowed me to enrich my skill set, and I never have a dull moment! I also have the privilege to work with a great group of individuals.

What is your biggest challenge in your current role?
The biggest challenge in my role is influencing and managing change. Most of my work supports organizational efforts to get to the next level in our EHS performance and culture. Without being driven by a compliance mandate, implementation of these projects can get demanding. Influencing for upfront buy-in and effectively managing changing processes, attitudes, and sometimes personnel are crucial for a positive outcome.

What advice would you have for someone entering the field today?
I would share with him or her Denyse's work rules: 1) Be sure to follow the law; whatever it is, it is not worth losing your freedom. 2) Act in a manner that safeguards the health, well-being, and life of yourself and others; life is precious, so protect it. 3) Avoid violating your personal ethics; only when you are true to yourself can you be successful.

What are the three words your spouse/colleagues/best friends would use to describe you?
Intelligent, Dedicated, Integrity

What aspect to the natural world/environment impresses you the most?

I have always been in awe by the diversity of life present on the planet. Why? All life shares a commonality and is interconnected to all others because Earth our home. I am amazed by how much variety and beauty can exist while knowing that all life is vastly similar.

What do you like to do during your free time?
I enjoy spending time with my family regardless of the activity. I like to sing, which has been a hobby of mine since age 5. In addition, love to tend my garden; I get a sense of fulfillment from nurturing and then watching things grow.

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