Nicholas Brunson

Director of Loss Control and Sustainability
Dixie Chemical Co.
Nicholas Brunson is the Director of Loss Control & Sustainability at Dixie Chemical Company. Dixie Chemical is a market leader in the development and manufacturing of high performance specialty chemicals. Nick’s team is responsible for integrated management systems, risk management, sustainability initiatives, external relationships, and for all safety, environmental, health, and security matters. He received both a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Houston. Nick is passionate about reaching as many people as he can to make a positive impact on their lives and the environment.

Why did you join NAEM?
I joined NAEM because I believe the resources, programs, events and several other aspects of the association are great tools to continue my EHS knowledge and sustainability.

What are currently working on?
I am currently involved in several projects related to GHS compliance, aeration pond closures, wildlife habitat restoration and the implementation of a new EHS management system to ensure EHS compliance and efficiency. Additionally, this time of year is full of reporting deadlines so we have been extra busy.

What do you like about your job?
I am lucky to have a job that continues to challenge me and drives me to look beyond the surface to find a more sustainable solution. It's a face paced environment for a company that truly believes in EHS sustainability.

What is your biggest challenge in your current role?
My current role as the Director of Loss Control and Sustainability encompasses all aspects of EHS and beyond. My biggest challenge is prioritizing our programs and maintaining our focus. I'm fortunate to have a team of EHS professionals who are committed to our goals as a company.

What advice would you have for someone entering the field today?
Entering this field can be very rewarding. I would give the advice to work hard, ALWAYS continue to learn, and always do what is right. Everyone has a gut instinct when something doesn't feel right. Follow your instinct and educate yourself so you can always make the right decision.

What are the three words your spouse/colleagues/best friends would use to describe you?
Thorough, Dependable, Respectful

What aspect to the natural world/environment impresses you the most? Why?
There are so many aspects of nature that are impressive to me. A beautiful sunset over water is one of the most breathtaking views of the world. Also, I could stare at the natural flow of a waterfall or river all day long. This world is an amazing place. If we can slow down long enough to appreciate it, it's well worth it.

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