Colleen Slaughter

Managing Partner
Authentic Leadership International
Colleen uses her expertise to guide international leaders as they attain the clarity, courage and self-confidence necessary to realize higher levels of productivity and fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.

Colleen’s purpose is to facilitate her clients’ transformation from limiting beliefs and self-doubts into a deeper, more powerful knowingness of how much they – and what they envision for themselves – truly matter. Her passion is instilling leaders with the clarity, courage, and confidence they need to uncover and live their highest purpose so the whole system can flourish and evolve.

Fostering human connection and compassion, and challenging conventional mindsets are ways Colleen creates impact. Clients often attribute her calm and open nature and abilities to articulate complex subjects in easy-to-understand terms and to create a safe space as catalysts for their meaningful personal insights, increased enthusiasm at work, and deepened work relationships.

Colleen’s unparalleled experience working abroad in a variety of cultures and across an array of industries gives her an uncanny ability to help individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds achieve the deep, lasting transformation they need to flourish. Clients move toward real change through a clear understanding of their goals and by aligning their intention and attention with their core values.

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