Doreen Parrish

Doreen Parrish

Head EHS Audit
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Doreen has been the Head of Corporate EHS Audit at Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. since November 2016. Prior to joining Takeda, Doreen was the Global Pharma EHS Audit Head with Novartis and Corporate EHS Audit Program Head for Amgen. Her life before EHS/corporate function included Pharma as a R&D chemist, divisional chemical purchasing agent, product manager and project manager for device and hazardous waste operations in chemical. She has spent 28 years (6 companies Abbott, Hospira, Amgen, Novartis, Shire and now Takeda) in Pharma and 2 years working for a growing media/dirt company.

Doreen holds a degree in Organic Chemistry from Aurora University in IL, USA and two certifications; CPEA (IIA/BEAC) for Auditing and IHMM for Hazardous Material Management.

Doreen was born & raised in Oak Lawn (Chicago), IL. She attended Aurora University in Aurora, IL (famous for the movie Wayne’s World) for undergraduate degree. Doreen has lived in 3 US states (Illinois, Georgia and Rhode Island) and overseas in Switzerland. Partner of 23 years with a special needs’ fury child. Her partner works for Roche and has enabled Doreen’s career to physically move and grow.

In her spare time, she enjoys Switzerland’s national past time of hiking / walking with Michele and Jack Jack, pottery and volunteering for in-need organizations. The most important learning in her career was to experience and learn from all people / cultures which makes her successful with her career passion of Audit, specifically T’DA!

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