Gregory Derevianko

Greg Derevianko

Senior Health & Safety Manager
Comcast Corp.
Greg Derevianko is the Senior Manager of Health and Safety at Comcast Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, one of the largest providers of cable television, internet service, and telephone service in the United States. Greg develops and implements programs to benefit the health, safety and well-being of employees in conjunction with the Global Total Rewards department to drive the company towards a culture of Total Worker Health.

Greg oversees the health and safety of corporate buildings throughout the United States and has worked extensively to improve employee ergonomics. He developed an award-winning office ergonomics program before tackling field ergonomics to reduce strains and sprains in Comcast’s mobile workforce.

Prior to Comcast, Greg worked as an EHS consultant, primarily focused on power generation, air permitting and greenhouse gas initiatives.

Greg also enjoys springboard and platform diving, a sport he has participated in from high school through today. He continues to compete nationally at a masters level and coaches children on the weekends. He firmly believes the communication skills and driven attitudes developed through athletics help develop a person to present their best selves in the pool and throughout life.

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