Nathan Zaugg

Global Practice Leader for Industrial Wastewater
MWH Global Inc.
Nathan Zaugg, PE, is the global practice leader for Industrial Wastewater at MWH. This challenging position gives Nathan the opportunity to develop business strategy along a global level. He has specialized in water treatment, wastewater treatment, biosolids management, disinfection, headworks systems, screening, grit removal, energy efficiency, alternative energy, sedimentation, flotation, and solids dewatering.

As an environmental engineer by trade, he provides his extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment technologies with a focus on process design. He enjoys finding solutions to minimize both capital expenditures / construction costs and O&M costs. He strives to partner with clients and other team members to implement high efficiency designs using easy to maintain features and implementation of new nutrient removal methods for treatment of wastewater.

Nathan brings 12 years of water/ wastewater treatment experience, half of which were with an equipment vendor. For the past 6 years, Nathan has participated in/ or managed a variety of water/ wastewater-related projects at MWH to include the successful wastewater pretreatment system for The Dannon Company, work on several facilities for Safeway, and facility designs for several mining clients.

Nathan has a bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering from Utah State University, and is a registered professional engineer in Utah. While not working, Nathan enjoys playing with his children, listening to them play the piano and taking Advil. He is based in Utah and enjoys strapping boards to his feet and using them to traverse water in both solid and liquid forms.

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