Ross Johnson

Ross Johnson

Bridgehead Security Consulting Inc.
Ross Johnson is the president of Bridgehead Security Consulting Inc. Prior to founding Bridgehead Security, Mr. Johnson worked in a variety of security-related positions. He served in the Canadian Forces as an infantry and intelligence officer for 24 years. Since leaving the service in 2001, Mr. Johnson has been employed in several security-related leadership positions in aviation security, the offshore oil industry, and the electricity sector. Mr. Johnson was responsible for physical and cyber security as the Director of Security and Contingency Planning with EPCOR Utilities, and he joined Capital Power as the Senior Manager of Security & Contingency Planning in 2009. He remained at Capital Power until leaving to create Bridgehead Security Consulting in 2019. 

Mr. Johnson is the infrastructure advisor for Awz Ventures, a North American hub for cutting-edge cyber security, intelligence, and physical security technologies and solutions from Israel, a global leader in these sectors.

A longtime participant with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), Mr. Johnson was a member of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee and their physical security lead until March of 2019. He is currently the co-Chair of the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center’s Physical Security Analysis Group (PSAG). The PSAG consists of a group of subject matter experts who support the E-ISAC in advising electricity industry participants and governmental agencies on threat mitigation strategies, incident prevention and response, training, emerging security technologies, and other relevant topics to enhance electricity industry physical security and reliability.

Mr. Johnson is the Chair of the Provincial Electricity Sector Physical Security Working Group (PEPS) in Alberta. PEPS is a team of men and women from the electricity, oil & gas, telecommunications, energy pipelines, and water industries, the National Energy Security Professionals (NESP) group, trade associations, recyclers, law enforcement, the metal forging industry, and governments at the federal, provincial, and municipal level. The PEPS coalition promotes public safety, the resilience of critical infrastructure, and crime prevention.

Mr. Johnson is a past Chair of the Canadian Electricity Association’s Security & Infrastructure Protection Committee and is a Council Vice-President at ASIS International. He is a member of Natural Resources Canada’s Energy and Utilities Sector Network and is the author of Antiterrorism Planning and Threat Response, a book on the prevention of terrorist attacks. (Click here for a review in the ASIS publication ‘Security Dynamics'). 

Mr. Johnson has a Baccalaureate in Military Arts and Sciences with Distinction from the Royal Military College of Canada and is board-certified in security management by ASIS International.

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