• Deborah Donovan: Why I Do What I Do

    Hear from 2019 Leadership in Action Recipient Deborah Donovan, Senior Vice President of Corporate EHS at Takeda Pharmaceutical.

    How did OSHA’s process safety regulations alter the trajectory of Deborah Donovan’s career? Donovan describes her shift from engineering to EHS, explains why EHS is such a compelling part of any organization, and discusses the impact of driving a culture around reporting and investigating potential events as if they actually happened.
  • Communicating Well to Build an Engaged Culture of EHS & Sustainability

    Drena Howard, Director of Global Retail EHS for The Estée Lauder Cos. explains how communication skills are a key component to effective EHS&S leadership.
  • Susan Eisenhower: Leadership Requires Commitment, Service

    Susan Eisenhower, energy expert and president of the Eisenhower Group, explains why leadership is not the same thing as holding a leadership position. She also shares anecdotes about the leadership style of her grandfather Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    Featuring: Susan Eisenhower, Energy Expert and President, Eisenhower Group
  • The Importance of Influencing Skills to EHS & Sustainability Leadership

    Debbie Kalish, Program Manager with Ingersoll-Rand describes how she sells her vision for sustainability success through her organization. To learn how to advance your leadership acumen, join NAEM for the 2017 EHS & Sustainability Women's Leadership Roundtable on June 20-22 in Portland, Ore. For more information, visit  http://womensleadership.naem.org/index.php

    Featuring: Debbie Kalish, Program Manager with Ingersoll-Rand

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