Strategic Decision-Making: A Collaborative, Facilitated Approach to Understanding and Monetizing Risks


EHS managers are increasingly being asked to make effective decisions under time pressures and to deliver results with fewer resources (time, staff, and funding). These decisions can influence the short- and long-term management of a company's assets and liabilities, with potential impact on the company's brand and bottom line.

For a portfolio of assets (e.g. operational plants and/or acquisitions) and liabilities (e.g. legacy remediation sites), a lack of common definition of "risk" and a shared understanding of conditions that drive risk can hinder EHS managers and directors from being strategic about their decisions. Additionally, in the case of liabilities, it is often difficult to correlate the dollars being spent to the reduction of risk.

This webinar will provide EHS managers and directors with case studies demonstrating a facilitated approach that builds consensus among diverse internal stakeholders to arrive at a common definition of risk. It will also focus on the development of tool(s) to compare risks between assets and liabilities within the portfolio while tracking the change in site and portfolio risk over time. A systematic approach and tools enable effective and expedited decision-making and management reporting. This method can also be applied to streamlining the integration of acquisitions within a portfolio, and in prioritizing compliance.

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Start date: April 25, 2017, 01:00 PM ET
End date: April 25, 2017, 02:00 PM ET

Bethany Brooks

Project Manager, Lean Practitioner
Haley & Aldrich Inc.

Sunila Gupta

Program Manager, Lean Practitioner
Haley & Aldrich Inc.

What you will learn

  • How a facilitated approach utilizing Lean principles and tools can also be applied to EHS portfolio management
  • How development of a systematic way to assess risk can help EHS managers make informed and strategic decisions
  • How lean principle tools can be useful in reporting for internal management and tracking portfolio progress towards goals
Length: 60 Minutes
Cost: FREE for Members, $49 for Non-Members

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