Michelle Redfield

Corporate EHS & Sustainability Leader
As the previous North American Director for Environment and Safety/Environment Process Improvement for Schneider Electric, Michelle and her team directed the company's North American environmental and sustainability initiatives and strategy, leading environmental and safety programs such as compliance, management systems, water reduction, zero waste to landfill, CO2 Neutrality, data management and environmental recognition. She was the leader for Schneider Electric's Safety, Environment and Energy management system global certificate. She has also led Schneider Electric's global safety and environmental data management system program as well as its global safety standardization and process improvement programs, such as developing a Global Safety Handbook, Global Directives, Global Safety Alert process, Global Safety, Environment and Real Estate acquisition integration process, etc. — converting a growing company of over 200 separate brands into a single safety program.

Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Michelle worked for about 20 years in government and consulting engagements for U.S.-based multinational organizations,having managed a full-service environmental, health and safety consulting office in Chicago. During that tenure she led business development, customer management, a wide range of environmental and safety initiatives, operational effectiveness program development and implementation, integrated environmental system and compliance auditing programs, and environmental, safety and sustainability information management system programs.

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