EHS&S: On the Front Lines of COVID-19

Callum Lever
Callum Lever
April 17, 2020
EHS - On the Front Lines of COVID-19
EHS & Sustainability (EHS&S) leaders are on the front line managing the corporate response to COVID-19. Facing a worldwide, constantly evolving threat to their organizations, these professionals are working around the clock to protect their workers and create safe workplaces.

The scope and scale of the EHS&S community’s work is both daunting and remarkable — from transitioning and relocating teams and procuring vital PPE, to creating new Health & Safety protocols and managing compliance amid rapidly changing and expanding regulations. We also heard from many of you about the challenges of:
  • Identifying and sourcing protective & safety materials
  • Managing health, safety and mental health of a remote workforce
  • Ensuring the health & safety of essential, on-site employees during COVID-19
  • Effectively communicating to employees to facilitate behavior changes
  • Continuing operations after an exposure incident
  • Assessing and articulating the business risks from COVID-19 for the C-suite
  • Reintroducing non-essential workers into the workplace
The duration and breadth of impact of this pandemic are changing the typical ground rules of emergency response and employee health management. It is likely that the collective processes and new behaviors could outlast the pandemic itself and change the way people relate to each other in the workforce.

We have heard about many of these issues through NAEM’s Quick Polls, weekly Drop-In calls with our corporate members and interviews. And, there is much more we can contribute to this evolving conversation. So in the coming weeks, NAEM will release a series of articles on some of the challenges faced by EHS&S leaders in relation to COVID-19. We want to feature real people, real stories to showcase the incredible work that is being accomplished.

So, we encourage you to join in! Share with us how you and/or your coworkers are managing these challenges. Reach out to us at, or through our online submission form, and let us know your stories and advice you’d like to give your peers.

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Callum Lever
Callum Lever
Callum Lever was NAEM’s Research Analyst from 2019-2020, and worked closely with benchmarking and trends data on corporate EHS & Sustainability programs. Learn more about NAEM’s EHS&S research here.

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