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Please answer the following questions related to the Solve-It you are interested in sponsoring, the facilitators your company would provide, and additional details about your company’s subject matter expertise on the topic. NAEM will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until all sponsorships are full. We will let you know as soon as possible whether or not you have been selected.

Which Solve-It topic is your company interested in sponsoring? (Select from the Solve-It topics above. You may select to sponsor as many groups as you want and we will match you with the group that is available or that we believe best matches your subject matter expertise.)
Please provide the names, titles and bios of the 2 facilitators that would host/facilitate the 4-5 Solve-It meetings over the course of the series. Be sure to articulate specific qualifications related to group facilitation, previous relevant work or projects completed for clients, engagement with other SME firms or NGOs that you could leverage as a facilitator. You can include the bios if you prefer as a pdf when you send the forms back to NAEM.
Presenter 1 Bio
Presenter 2 Bio

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