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  • ISO 45001: Protecting Your People

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    Occupational health and safety management systems have traditionally focused on physical safety rather than broader health and well-being. With both the impact and costs of employee mental health building as a result of the pandemic, organizations are now recognizing that OH&S is no longer just about managing physical risk, it must address the often hidden challenges that mental health and well-being brings to the changing world of work.
  • How Management of Change Brings EHS and Operations Together

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    There are probably many instances out there where EHS and Operations are not working together as much as they should. Similarly, there are many examples of how a platform like Enablon helps to create greater opportunities for both departments to work together in order to improve safety and productivity. This post focuses on Management of Change as an example.
  • Safety in a Lightning Fast, Ever-Changing Environment

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    As health and safety professionals, we are constantly on the move trying to determine various ways to keep the workplace, and our workers, healthy and safe every day. We strive to uncover new ideas for employee engagement, easier ways to streamline and implement processes, spend more time out in the workplace, and ultimately add overall value, while still performing our "must do's" for the job. With that in mind, how do we truly make positive improvements in the workplace? More importantly, how do we implement these improvements for our employees?
  • Safety and Inclusion: The Enlightened Alliance

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    This year for National Safety Month, CF Industries explored safety through a broader lens. In the past, CF’s focus has been on physical safety – for example, are you in the line of fire, are you protected from rotating equipment, are chemicals kept in the pipe. That approach helped us achieve many safety records along the way.

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