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Use these resources to develop your leadership skills, advance your career and help you oversee your environment, health, safety and sustainability team. You'll hear from great leaders and advisers on how to be an effective leader.

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"Whether you have direct reports or don't have direct reports, you are going to be a leader. You are going to be a leader and an advocate for the health and safety of employees, for the health and safety of the environment."

— Drena Howard, Director of Global Retail EHS for The Estée Lauder Co's. Inc.


Career Profiles

  • Advancing Managers: A Career Profile of 6 to 10 years

    This report provides survey data and in-depth interviews with EHS&S leaders who have 6-10 years of experience about the uniqueness of their role, how they use their skills, the career decisions that drove their success and their advice for those who want to follow in their path.

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