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Become the EHS&S leader you aspire to be

Develop your leadership skills, advance your career and help you manage your environment, health, safety and sustainability team. You'll hear from great leaders and advisers on how to be an effective EHS&S leader.

"Whether or not you have direct reports, you are going to be a leader. You are going to be a leader and an advocate for the health and safety of employees; for the health and safety of the environment."

— Drena Howard, Director of Global Retail EHS for The Estée Lauder Co's. Inc.

Communication Skills

Strategies to Increase Your Executive Presence

Strategies to Increase Your Executive Presence

It takes more than stellar technical skills and a strong work ethic to become an EHS&S leader. Learn how to develop your “executive presence,” a set of behaviors that project confidence and authority, and help you influence organizational change.

Making Sense and Cents of EHS

Making Sense (and Cents) of EHS

How can EHS professionals most effectively make the business case for new EHS programs? Lesley Clarke of Walker Industries shares three things you should consider when making your pitch.

Business networking and connecting

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Building a strong network of contacts can open doors to new opportunities. So, make sure you take control of your network, as well as proactively work on strengthening your connections and nurturing your relationships.


Persuasive Communication: How to Become an Effective Advocate

From writing emails to persuading others to get engaged, EHS and sustainability leaders need to communicate effectively. Download this webinar to learn the importance of communication skills to EHS&S leaders and techniques you can use to sharpen you skills at work.

  • Strategic Influencing: How to Drive and Manage Change

    The only constant in life is change, and this is especially true in the business world. In an environment of emerging regulations and benchmarks, leveraging changes to your advantage is essential. Learn the skills you'll need to drive and manage change in your organization.

Leadership Advice

Salaries, Staffing & Budgeting

2019 EHSS Salary Survey Results

2019 EHS & Sustainability Salary Report

Compare your compensation package and arm yourself with the market knowledge needed to negotiate a competitive salary.


Closing the Gaps Without Breaking the Bank

Learn how a big box retailer combined a number of systems to meet its needs within a limited budget.

EHSS Staffing Structure and Budgets 2016

EHS&S Staffing, Structure and Budgets Benchmark

Benchmark your organizational structure, staffing levels, and EHS&S responsibilities.

Career Advice

Nancy Sutley

Advice to Aspiring Environmental Leaders: Never Lose Sight of the Purpose

Nancy Sutley, a chief architect of the 2013 Climate Action Plan, shares early career lessons, how to lead change, and how to get stakeholders to align around the same goal.
Finding Your Leadership Voice

Finding My Leadership Voice: What I Wish I had Learned Earlier in My Career

While I can't discount “with age comes wisdom,” there have been a few significant inflection points in my journey.


Career Profiles & Skills for Success

What key skills do EHS and sustainability leaders need to be successful? Learn results from NAEM's survey of 350+ in-house EHS&S leaders.

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