2019 EHS&S Salary Survey

Brought to you by NAEM and EHSCareers

NAEM has partnered with EHSCareers to continue to document salaries of EHS&S professionals. Participate in the survey to receive a free copy of the report this spring, enabling you to:

  • Compare your compensation package with EHS&S colleagues who have similar credentials and/or scope of responsibilities.
  • Arm yourself with the market knowledge needed to negotiate a competitive salary — either when considering a new position or during your annual review.

Anyone who completes this very short, completely confidential survey will receive a FREE copy of the Salary Survey results once they are published in early 2019.

You must complete the survey to receive your free copy. Salary Survey results will be available to those who did not complete the survey at a cost of $49 per copy.

Brought to you by NAEM and EHSCareers

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