Solve It - Invitation

Solve-It: DataLab

Creating a shared view of fleet & driver safety issues with participants

Feb. 27, 1-2 p.m. EST
Virtual event

This kick-off call for Fleet and Driver Safety is a great opportunity for you to find out if this is the Solve-It group for you. The meeting is free and open to everyone, and no long-term commitment is required to participate.

Accidents impact company productivity, image and most importantly the lives of drivers and others. NAEM members agree that decreasing the number of accidents and their impact on communities is paramount.

During this call, we are bringing together a group of dedicated EHS&S professionals who want to keep their employees safe, productive and accountable as they get from point A to point B and back again on a daily basis.

Under the guidance of a professional facilitator, this ‘DataLab’ session will get everyone on the same page using the following format:


Meet other thought leaders concerned about fleet safety to develop a clear problem statement and discuss and agree upon a set of deliverables that would help address the problem. 


  • Brief Introductions
  • Overview of process and where we are today
  • What we heard from you: Overview of member feedback on problem statement
  • Comments: Is the problem statement framed properly?
  • What we heard from you: Recommendations on possible solutions
  • Comments: Do these solutions resonate? Are there others that should be discussed?
  • Online poll: Prioritizing possible solutions
  • Comments: Who else should be included? Who else should we/you invite to participate?
  • Closing and next steps


Results of the discussions will inform an in-person meeting in March. NAEM may do targeted outreach with personal invitations to people/organizations mentioned on the webinar as key stakeholders to include. The March meeting will focus on the prioritized possible solutions agreed upon on the webinar, allowing the Solve-It to co-create deliverables, timelines and responsible parties together.


Beth Skorochod

Beth Skorochod
Beth is a skilled facilitator, co-creator, and designer of inclusive approaches to international development and social innovation. Beth has facilitated workshops and meetings of global stakeholders to collaboratively develop innovative solutions for target users. 

Sign up to be part of the initial conversation as we get the ball rolling. This meeting is free to attend.

The meeting will be recorded if you are unavailable at this time. Email for any questions about topics and future pricing. 

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