Solve It Series | EHS & Sustainability Challenges

Solve-It Series

What is a Solve-It?

A Solve-It is a group of in-house corporate EHS & Sustainability professionals, guided by an expert facilitator, that through a series of meetings finds ways to tackle a specific EHS&S challenge.

We offered these two Solve-It Groups on the following topics in 2021:

Schedule & Group Size

Each Solve-It group meets 4-5 times over the course of a 4-6 week period. Meetings range from 60-90 minutes. Each Solve-It group will be limited to 30 in-house corporate EHS & Sustainability leaders.

If you'd like to be part of a Solve-It or have a topic you'd like to propose, please email [programs at naem dot org].

Solve-It Objectives

The objective of these groups is for attendees to:
  • Benchmark with their peers on specific challenges they are facing
  • Build a lasting network of peers & experts they can call upon beyond the series
  • Develop strategies and best practices to tackle the specific Solve-It topic
  • Walk away with tools and strategies to advance their EHS & sustainability performance goals


Interested in sponsoring? If you have an expertise on one of the Solve-It topic areas or would like more information about hosting/facilitating one of the Solve-It groups, please email [sales at naem dot org] for more information.

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