NAEM Sustainability Solve-Its

Sustainability Solve-It Series

Are you seeking to develop or execute an initiative on zero waste, science-based targets, or an enhanced ESG strategy? Then NAEM Sustainability Solve-Its are the perfect resource for you.

Exclusively for corporate leaders of EHS & Sustainability, the Sustainability Solve-Its are a 4-week deep dive with subject matter experts, facilitated discussions, and benchmarking with exactly the right people.

Create your sustainability benchmarking network by joining an NAEM Solve-It:

Pragmatic Strategies for Meeting Your Zero-Waste Goals
Over several weeks, attendees can expect:

  • A comprehensive guide to zero-waste definitions and commonly used metrics
  • A road map of how to track and improve your waste at facilities and plants
  • Focused conversations about the specific steps, tactics and challenges to setting and meeting zero-waste goals
  • How to develop a zero-waste program that can transition to a circular economy
  • Dedicated time to give and receive advice from peers on individual challenges surrounding setting and meeting zero-waste goals

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Re-Envisioning Your ESG Strategy for 2020 and Beyond
Over several weeks, attendees gained:

  • Insights into how to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on ESG goals
  • An understanding of what initiatives companies are prioritizing post-pandemic and beyond their corporate walls
  • Tactics on connecting ESG strategy with public health and social justice issues
  • Strategies on how to incorporate global milestones on biodiversity, SDGs and climate into ESG strategy
  • Dedicated time to give and receive peer advice on individual challenges related to re-envisioning ESG strategy

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Setting Corporate Science-Based Targets (SBT)
Over several weeks, attendees gained:

  • An overview of the SBT initiative
  • Specific and pragmatic steps to setting a SBT goal
  • Insights into the impact and importance of a comprehensive water strategy
  • An understanding of who should be involved in setting & reaching the goal
  • Dedicated time to give and receive peer advice on individual challenges pertaining to setting a corporate-wide SBT

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Open to all in-house EHS&S professionals (including non-NAEM members) and any sponsors or speakers of the Solve-It series


Interested in sponsoring? If you have an expertise on one of the Solve-It topic areas or would like more information about hosting/facilitating one of the Solve-It groups, please email sales@naem.orgfor more information.

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