Collaborative problem-solving with a network of companies

Solve-Its are collaborative problem-solving groups for specific environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) challenges that are too big or costly for one company alone to solve. Facilitator-led sessions identify the scope of the challenge and develop tools, processes and outcomes.

Open to all in-house EHS&S professionals (including non-NAEM members) and anyone involved with the Solve-It topic.

Current Solve-Its

ESG Reporting

Do you feel like you lack a clear ESG reporting strategy? Are you overwhelmed by how many organizations ask for or use your sustainability data, and frustrated with their lack of standardization and transparency? Join other in-house EHS&S professionals who want to standardize ESG reporting.

Fleet and Driver Safety

Accidents impact company productivity and image — and most importantly, the lives of drivers and others. Join a group of dedicated in-house EHS&S professionals who want to keep their employees safe, productive and accountable as they get from point A to point B and back again on a daily basis.

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