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Solve-It: Fleet & Driver Safety

Identify best practices and cost effective solutions for a fleet safety program
The Challenge

Accidents impact company productivity, image and most importantly the lives of drivers and others. NAEM members agree that decreasing the number of accidents and their impact on communities is paramount. This Solve-It group brings together dedicated EHS&S professionals who want to keep their employees safe, productive and accountable as they get from point A to point B and back again on a daily basis.


Meet other thought leaders concerned about fleet safety to develop a clear problem statement and discuss and agree upon a set of deliverables that would help address the problem.


Beth Skorochod
Beth Skorochod
Beth is a skilled facilitator, co-creator, and designer of inclusive approaches to international development and social innovation. Beth has facilitated workshops and meetings of global stakeholders to collaboratively develop innovative solutions for target users.

Be Part of the Fleet & Driver Safety Solution

Joining a Solve-It group is a one-time fee of $3,500 for both NAEM members and non-NAEM members.

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