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Develop your leadership skills, advance your career and help you manage your environment, health, safety and sustainability team. You'll hear from great leaders and advisers on how to be an effective EHS&S leader.

"Whether or not you have direct reports, you are going to be a leader. You are going to be a leader and an advocate for the health and safety of employees; for the health and safety of the environment."

— Drena Howard, Director of Global Retail EHS for The Estée Lauder Co's. Inc.

Blog Posts

  • "A Feeling of Immediate Inclusion": NAEM's Women's Leadership Roundtable

    Drena Howard, director of global retail environmental health and safety at The Estée Lauder Companies, shares the value she has gotten out of NAEM's women's leadership conference over the years and why she wanted to contribute to the 2019 program.
  • 3 Things To Do Before You Can Measure EHS&S Risk

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    Because you can't accurately assess something you can't measure, finding the right way to measure EHS&S risk is crucial for organizations.
  • Enjoying the Career Journey While Keeping an Eye on the Summit

    Sophia Danenberg, corporate EHS leader and recreational mountaineer, is the first African-American to reach the summit of Mount Everest. In this interview, she shares how her experiences in the mountains have influenced her career path and how she approaches her work.
  • Why Advancing Women is Good for Business

    These days, there is a lot of discussion about what actions are needed to close the gender gaps that persist within technical fields. One of the things I always come back to is the critical importance of starting with the data.



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