NAEM Excellence Awards - 2019 Winners

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Recognizing Excellence

NAEM’s Excellence Awards appreciate and recognize the excellence that EHS & Sustainability leaders bring to their companies every day.
  • Meet the 2019 award recipients
  • Learn how you can apply or nominate for 2020

2020 EHS&S Excellence Awards Nominations

Who is eligible to receive an Excellence Award?
The Excellence Awards recognize EHS&S leaders across the career continuum, from rising stars to senior executives. The three categories are: How can I nominate or apply?
Click here for details and nomination forms.

Are self-nominations accepted?
Self-nominations are accepted for two categories: the Leadership in Action Awards and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

When are nominations due?
Nominations will be due on Friday, May 22.

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Appreciating Excellence in our 2019 Award Recipients

Meet a few of the outstanding EHS & Sustainability professionals in our community.

Dr. David Eherts

Vice President of Global EHS at Allergan

EHS Success is About Employee Engagement, and Employee Engagement is About Belief

David Eherts
To get a company to walk the EHS&S walk, it takes employee engagement at the boots-on-the-ground level just as much as the C-suite, advises Dr. David Eherts. As an EHS manager, you need the best knowledge about your EHS performance and hazard potential; the best source of that is your staff. You also need the best resourcing you can get, which your C-suite decides, and “once they believe, getting them to commit resources becomes easy,” David notes. He would know: He obtained approval for $25 million in EHS investments.

Deborah Donovan

Senior Vice President, Corporate Environment, Health & Safety at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Why I Do What I Do
How did OSHA’s process safety regulations alter the trajectory of Deborah Donovan’s career? Donovan describes her shift from engineering to EHS, explains why EHS is such a compelling part of any organization, and discusses the impact of driving a culture around reporting and investigating potential events as if they actually happened.

Beth Holland

Vice President, Operational Excellence - EHS & Sustainability at AptarGroup

Shaping EHS&S Success From The Ground Up
Beth Holland
Beth Holland is a builder. As Vice President, Operational Excellence - EHS & Sustainability at AptarGroup, Holland has designed and formed key Aptar initiatives from scratch, and typically without dedicated staff.

Excellence Awards Honor Roll

See all of the outstanding EHS&S leaders who have received an Excellence Award. Know someone else who should be on this list in 2020? Click here to nominate or apply.

Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Wayne Balta (2018)
  • Dr. David Eherts (2019)
Leadership in Action Awards
  • Deborah Donovan (2019)
  • Beth Holland (2019)
  • David Newman (2019)
NexGen Leaders Awards
  • Budd Batchelder (2018)
  • Lesley Clarke (2018)
  • Cynthia DiMeglio (2019)
  • Janet Evans (2018)
  • Drena Howard (2018)
  • Ivan Marquez (2019)
  • Jennifer Pippin (2019)
  • Max Rutz (2018)
  • Rudolfo F. von Borstel (2019)
  • Rachel Warman (2018)
Those who are called to this profession bring an extraordinary commitment to their work. NAEM's Excellence Awards honor those whose servant leadership, creative problem-solving and dedication to results are transforming companies from within.
— Carol Singer Neuvelt, NAEM Executive Director

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